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Terms and Condition

Terms & Condition

Every visitor of our website is free to browse our products, services, and content. You are free to read, share, or utilize our information and related content under our policy of rules. The terms and conditions page is to help you understand and relate to our rules of service. When you use our utilities or hire us for our services, you will have to agree to our terms and conditions. If you agree with the terms of use, then you may proceed with your activities. But if you wish to decline our terms of services, please leave our website immediately. Kindly refer to the below sections to learn more about our terms of service.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our logo, other visual content, and written information are our intellectual property. You can read and share the data for personal reasons or spread the word about our services. But you do not have the right to copy our information for any commercial needs. Whether written or visual, our content is not to be used or copied for other businesses. If we detect any copyright infringement or misuse of intellectual property, we will have to take legal action to prevent you from doing so.

Provide Authentic Information

Our information on the website is authentic and only dedicated to being used for this business or its services. The information present is not to be used anywhere else. Make sure that the information you share with us about you is authentic and correct. Because if you share false information by mistake or on purpose, we won’t be able to serve you. So, please only provide the correct information. We don’t use your information other than to give you better service.

Order And Payments

When you place an order or hire us for services, you must pay for the services in advance. Once you provide the needed information and make the payment for the service, we will dispatch our cleaning team to your address.

Cookie Policy

You have the right to allow or disallow the cookies, but we recommend you to allow these because they exist for your own benefit. Our cookies are only here, so you can get the latest updates and offers on our services or products. These cookies will ensure that you get updated immediately whenever we release a discount or a new service.